Saturday, September 23, 2017

Weekend Reading 9.23

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You guys. This week. It took it out of me. Moving is tough. Case in point: I just googled "moving is hard" just to feel some sympathy. I know my posts here have been infrequent and kvetch-y lately, as much as Chris and I are so excited about what's to come, the process has kicked our ass. It's never easy. In fact, I just read that moving is a trauma, and that's what it feels like. I've officially entered the crazy phase where I fantasize about sleeping (just, sleeping. Likw, even a little) and order dresses to be delivered at our new address so I have something to look forward to (a genius idea, if I do say so myself), among many, many other weird habits that have come out of the shadows. BUT! One week! I do have plans to write about our "why" behind all of this, because for once in our lives, we're not moving for a job. So, I'm keeping my fingers crossed to actually find some time this week for this here blog. For now, I'm watching Will & Grace (Grace almost moves to Brooklyn! So scandalous!) and sipping Reishi Hot Cacao in an effort to just chill. XO

Design Sponge put together an incredible resource for how to help victims of the recent weather and environmental tragedies

This vintage dress is so sexy and cool

What it's like living in a 500 sq ft apartment

Get off my back

Judy Dench is queen

Have you tried body hero yet? Tempted if just for the big bag!

Yum, this chocolate zucchini bread sounds incredible

Just got this dress for a bridal shower next weekend - so pretty for fall

Definitely making these hand-dyed sheets as soon as we're moved!

Love this cute jumpsuit

This face scrub sounds luxurious

The hero we all need

The cutest little planter for a cactus

Future embarrassment 

Ooooh, based on the name alone I bet this candle smells amazing

You guys... this letter

How sweet are these handmade dipped mugs?

I am Diana from Anne of Green Gables and I am fucking drunk - ha!

LOVING these chic (and totally walkable) heels for fall

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Weekend Reading 9.17

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Hi Friends, how was your weekend? Mine was... productive (but not very exciting). If you saw this post on Instagram, you already know that Chris and I have a lot of packing to do, so that's exactly how I spent the past two days. We have just under two weeks left in Philadelphia, and I'm determined to not live out this move the same way I did the others (i.e. stressed beyond believe with boxes full of unnecessary junk). This morning, I brought ten trash bags full of donations to Philly AIDS Thrift, filled up five Ikea bags for an upcoming Poshmark update, and spent the rest of the day packing and cleaning. I even hired someone to clean the bathroom and kitchen before we leave (a first, and an indulgence, after reading this article - and yes, I understand my privilege in being able to do this, though I am budgeting for it)  - this is all abysmally unexciting, but sometimes you gotta get shit done. Have a lovely Sunday night!

The perfect bag for fall - how gorgeous is this?

Free People is donating 25% of sales today (Sunday) to hurricane relief - I'm in love with this pretty dress and this National Parks top

Would you travel solo on your birthday?

I just bought this cookbook and I'm in love - I've already made two recipes!

How I learned to stop being a "chill girl" (confession, I have zero chill)

This dress would be so gorgeous for a fall wedding - or a holiday party!

"please stop trying to "empower" women" - yes to ALL of this

The cutest kitty mug

Love this series: what dinner looks like across the US

What a gorgeous sweater

YUM - these apple fritters look amazing

A pretty kit to help you feel calm

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Happy Weekend 9.10

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Happy weekend, friends. How are you? The weather in Philly this weekend has been a dream. Cool, sunny, and just a little bite in the air to hint that fall is on the way. Yesterday I got a much needed haircut, and today we're planning to check out the Mushroom Festival in Kennet Square. And our big project/news for the weekend: We've started the process of packing up our apartment in anticipation of a big move at the end of the month. As much as I hate moving, I'm excited and it's felt so good to clean stuff out and get rid of the unnecessary (while acquiring maybe too many new plants in the process). I'll share more on our plans later, but suffice to say I'm a storm of emotions right now - excited, anticipatory, a little sad, and very nostalgic for our neighborhood, which suddenly looks 85% more alluring now that I know I'm leaving it (ha). What are you up to this weekend? Have fun and stay safe!

The Florida Humane Society and other rescue orgs are already out rescuing abandoned pets (which breaks my damn heart)

It's fall wedding season! This vintage purse would be pretty to carry as an accessory

In a gig economy, how do we define "work"

I just bought this coat and I'm in love

Everlane just launched their first line of denim at an incredible (and almost unheard of) price point - love this pair

This skirt would look gorgeous with an oversized sweater for fall

How to take care of your clothes - very useful

Officially on the hunt for stylish but comfortable and functional winter boots (and I found some!)

How zoos and aquariums handle hurricanes - that first pic though

Would love to drink coffee out of these beautiful handmade mugs

Love this cool pin

This twitter thread is PURE GOLD

How beautiful are these handmade jewelry pieces?

Cookie dough nice cream

A very worthy read: tackling the myth of perfection on social media

Would love to add this to our living room

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Vintage Denim at Ott's Exotic Plants

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 photo IMG_3284_zpsjy4fy91w.jpg
 photo IMG_3281_zpsfglrlzw1.jpg
 photo IMG_3277_zps5bi1rupk.jpg
 photo IMG_3293_zpsfa8xbxb3.jpg
 photo IMG_3288_zpskqitqhno.jpg
 photo IMG_3285_zpsight9inp.jpg
 photo IMG_3286_zpsoafi0qxd.jpg
 photo IMG_3292_zpsmutkvjo5.jpg
 photo IMG_3290_zpsnd4uxcx9.jpg
 photo IMG_3283_zpsexsi5zse.jpg
 photo IMG_3278_zpssy8n3wvb.jpg
 photo IMG_3280_zpszvoggavo.jpg
 photo IMG_3282_zpsjakrrypt.jpg

A few weeks ago, I finally revisited one of my favorite places in Eastern PA - Ott's Exotic Plants. It was the perfect breezy day to visit this amazing spot, the kind of late-summer/early-fall day that lets you know there's change afoot. Cactus buying weather. I first came here back in 2015 (?... how has it been that long?!) after getting a tip from a Free People interviewee (thanks Victoria!) (I took that photo on her website! :) ). And it's just as enchanting in summer as it was that first cold November day. Overgrown with plants of all shapes and sizes (there's a fiddle leaf fig over 40 years old that measures floor to ceiling - 50 foot ceiling), and boasting nearly every variety you could ask for, especially when it comes to cacti, Ott's is an institution and a must-see for anyone living within driving distance or visiting the area.

Because the day was a bit cooler, and because I've officially had it with wearing shorts, it was the perfect day to bust out this new top and these new-to-me vintage Levi's I picked up a few weeks ago after an interview.

(Side note: Does anyone else feel like they need to be a new person directly after an interview? For some reason the experience - whether good or bad - makes me want to crawl out of my skin.)

As soon as the weather is cool enough, I practically live in some version of these jeans. I have several in different washes and lengths, and they just seem to go with everything while being super comfortable. I've seen Levi's is finally wising up too, and releasing their own updated version of 501's. On this day, I paired them with a new top from Mes Demoiselles (seriously, their tops are so gorgeous), a wide brimmed hat (this one is old Free People, but there are some nice ones here), and Birkenstocks (because it's still too warm for cute boots... and I'm just not quite ready for that level of commitment.)

I'm so glad I was able to show Chris this place. We'll be leaving PA soon, and there were a few places I really wanted to show him before we left the state - namely Ott's and the Pulpit/Pinnacle Rock hiking trail.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Here & There 9.1

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Happy September, friends! HOW is it September already?! So wild. This is going to be a very crazy month for us, but I'm looking forward to it. We have a few hikes planned, I'm hoping to go apple picking, and generally I'm hoping to see and experience as much of PA as possible - with a few trips to NYC in between. But for now, I'm off to Pittsburgh to see some of my favorite people for the weekend. I'm taking a solo trip; as much as I love traveling with Chris, we also both value the freedom to do our own thing when we need to, so he'll be holding down the fort with Zephyr here in Philly :) What are you up to? To be honest, I've been feeling 1000% emotional lately, so I'm looking forward to having some time to just sit and think in the car. Have a gorgeous weekend, friends!

10 ways to help victims of Hurricane Harvey - and a direct link to Austin Pets Alive and the Houston SPCA

Jess is having a big sale this weekend! This skirt would be so cute with boots and a slouchy sweater.

Etsy is having its first ever sale! Love this pretty moon mandala enamel pin, this cute whale mug, and this gorgeous mid-century plant stand

Stranded Mexican bakers use their time to bake pan dulce for victims of hurricane Harvey - they used over 4,000 pounds of flour! (+ more incredible rescue stories to make you cry)

Save 30% off new arrivals (and an extra 30% off sale) with code YESPLEASE at J.Crew! I've had my eye on this gorgeous sweater for fall and love these go-with-anything tops (and how cute is this lemon coin purse?)

A considerably better version of Taylor Swift's new song (thanks, Brittney)

ShopBop is having a big sale - I have my eye on some perfect denim and a cute bag (like these)

What a gorgeous tattoo

Take an extra 30% off sale items from Urban Outfitters! Into this pretty cropped cami, and pretty much the entire apartment section, haha

YUM - these treats look delicious

Save 25% when you spend $50 at LL Bean! Definitely adding this vacuum French press to my camping gear, and these cozy ragg camp socks

6 food additives you can stop worrying about

So in love with these gorgeous (and affordable) ceramic pieces

What a pretty home

How beautiful is this handmade necklace?

How to choose the right protein powder

I bet this smells divine

Yes, you CAN have decluttering regrets!

Thursday, August 31, 2017

What I'm Reading

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I used to be a voracious reader. When I worked in college admissions, I lived within walking distance of my apartment and would spend my lunch breaks and after work consuming books. And then... at some point I stopped. After we moved, no longer living down the street from a library left me constantly accruing late fees and eventually the habit just died off. I was lucky if I got through a couple books per year. But at the beginning of this year, determined to turn things around, I bought myself a Kindle (with a gift card my dad gave me, thanks dad!). Originally, I had it in mind that I'd be able to read more on my long commutes to Brooklyn instead of spending that time working. Wishful thinking. Instead the Kindle sat.

And sat.

And sat. And collected dust.

For several months.

Until I finally went to the library and figured out how to download books to the thing (what can I say, I do things in my own time. Snail time.). As much as I love traditional books, this little device has made a huge impact on how much I read, and I find myself reading a few books per month now - yes! To me, reading has always played a key role in my self care, even before I knew what self care actually was. It's an escape, and especially these days, an escape form technology. Today I thought I'd share a few of my favorites from this summer's reading list.

Handcrafted Maine By Katy Kelleher & Greta Rybus
This book, you guys. For anyone thinking of moving to Maine, or from Maine and dreaming of going back (ahem...), this book will do it for you. Admittedly more of a coffee table book than one to curl up in bed with, Handcrafted Maine explores Maine's artists, artisans, and craftspeople in over 20 profiles. Some I was already familiar with, like Swans Island Company which I visited for Free People back in 2014, but many were new to me. I love exploring the incredible creative culture of my home state, and this book offered a beautiful glimpse into what it means to be a maker from Maine. Obviously, Zephyr recommends, too.

The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg
If you're curious to explore the WHY behind the things we do, read this. I love a book that explores human habits and what drives us, extra credit if it helps me explore my own habits and make positive changes in my life. To be honest, I was expecting this book to be super dry, but it was pleasantly easy to read without being too simplistic and kept be interested through to the end. It made me interested in reading Duhigg's other books and I've actually been thinking of buying a paperback version of this to keep handy. I feel like I need to re-read it!

Reckless: My Life as a Pretender By Chrissie Hynde
I just finished this book this week and it was... OK. I've been a huge fan of The Pretenders since I was a kid, thanks to my mom always playing their records and their general bad-assery, and I was excited to learn more about Chrissie, the lead singer, who I've also admired for about as long. However, it was a little... frenetic. Lots of details were glossed over, and mid-way through the book it becomes a name-dropping bonanza of, seemingly, all the big names in punk history. I'm glad I read it, as it gave a really unique take on that time in music history, but overall I wasn't blown away.

The Stranger in the Woods by Michael Finkel
Another book set in Maine, this book explore the true story of the last true hermit, Christopher Knight. An interesting read that began as a profile for Esquire, Finkel get a little obsessed with Knight's story of survival in the Maine woods (for over 20 years!), which only makes it more interesting. I highly recommend this book - it left me feeling conflicted about Knight, who survived so long on his own, but not without causing a huge amount of trash/pollution and committing the most cases of theft in recent history (over 1,000).

Hunger by Roxanne Gay
I just began reading this last night, and it's already made an impact. Gay's writing is beautiful and heart-wrenching, especially her description of her "before" and her "after" - specifically exploring the photographs taken by her mother. I'm looking forward to this one, and have a feeling it won't take me long to finish.

What are you reading these days? Anything to recommend? A few on my mile-long holds list from the library include: Final Girls by Riley Sager, The Rules Do Not Apply by Ariel Levy, and You Will Know Me by Megan Abbott.

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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Here & There 8.27

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Happy Sunday night, friends! This weekend was everything I needed it to be - yesterday we got a late start but made it to one of my favorite places in PA, Ott's Exotic Plants, where we picked up a few new green things to add to my collection. Afterwards we just drove and explored the area, I've been to Schwenksville before, but really hadn't looked around much besides Ott's. It's a beautiful part of PA and we ended up semi-close by today when we made our way out to Hawk Mountain Sanctuary for a hike. Sunday hikes are beginning to be quite a thing for us, and there's no other way I'd want to start the week. Chris and I have been making it a point to explore something new every weekend, especially as the weather begins to cool, it's been refreshing to get out of the city and away from the extra heat, noise, and din of city life. This week is shaping up to be a good one, with some freelance work and a pizza night/clean-out-the-basement planned for Tuesday (because why spend the weekend worrying about that kind of stuff?). Have a wonderful week!

How to help victims of Harvey

So... I know it's still summer for another month - but how cute is this vintage jacket for fall?

Just added a TON of new items to my closet on Poshmark - shop it here and keep an eye out for more to come!

Still obsessed with earrings - loving these handmade pairs

If you're afraid of getting fired...

The most gorgeous dress to wear to an early fall wedding - love this option too

Adding this book to my must-read list

What a pretty, delicate necklace

How hurricane categories are defined

So obsessed with this little dress

How to eat healthy at work

Have you seen the new horoscope collection from J.Crew? I'm in LOVE with the Taurus tee (+ save an extra 40% off sale items!)

7 things to do in September (I just need a haircut and a job, man)

Would love to put two of these on our bed

Our homes may be getting smarter, but have we thought it through? I'm 100% against Alexa and Google home for so many reasons - what about you?

The perfect solution for those with plant-obsessed cats

1970's stock photos - SO. GOOD.

Love these chic and comfortable flats for fall

For real for real - 50 things to do right now to put your life in order

The BEST smelling candles